"The lies I created to impress her now imprison me."



    "I want my relationship to feel like a safe haven and a place to recharge."



    "It feels like we're missing each other in mid air."



    "I want to feel like we're a team, a powerhouse for change in the world."



    "When there's shame, there's nothing I can say to him that won't make him shutdown and withdraw."



    Are you ready to Journey Together into an

    empowered, thriving relationship?


  • 6-Week Group Coaching Program

    The Formula


    Illuminating the [We] Space

    Clarifying and Committing to the [We] space

    • Co-create agreements with your partner 
    • Explore what it means to be in Conscious Relationship
    • Dream BIG to allow for an abundant future to unfold
    Challenge- Being honest and vulnerable with your partner, with us and most of all, yourself
    Opportunity- Realizing you are not alone and your truth is imperfectly perfect

    Upgrading your Social Technology

    Emotional Intelligence 101:

    • Learn how to communicate clearly with language of heart, not just the mind

    • Authenticity: How to effectively own & trust your experience

    Challenge- Feeling like you miss each other and can't communicate

    Opportunity-Authentically expressing yourself and being accepted in it


    Mastering the Art of Perspective

    Turning Conflict into Intimacy

    • Explore your partner’s experience through the skills of curiosity and generous listening

    • Distinguish perspectives and create intimacy through validating one another

    • Learn to minimize your fights from lasting hours to just minutes

    Challenge- Do you want to be right?

    Opportunity- Do you want to be connected?


    Descending the Dark Staircase

    Acknowledging our Pain

    The Science of the Mind and Reprogramming Beliefs

    • Reclaiming your past through honoring your stories

    • Get crystal clear on where your beliefs come from and how you can rewrite the ones that are weighing you down

    • Eradicate your Victimhood and step into your Creator

    Challenge- Feeling trapped or victim to our painful baggage

    Opportunity- To willfully allow our pain to become our power



    The Science of Alchemy

    Sacred Compost

    Attraction, Attachment, and Transmutation

    • Discover the unique way you and your partner are cosmically aligned

    • Experience rapid personal evolution through the mirror of connection

    • Understanding the dance of the masculine/feminine poles

    Challenge- Revisiting the same old stuck points and feeling trapped

    Opportunity- Learning to accept our pain and move through it rapidly, elevates us to our higher selves


    Alchemy Gold

    Choosing the Conscious Path

    Power Couple Influence

    • Revisit your agreements with more emotional intelligence to consciously create your Relationship Roots document

    • Learn how to amend and refine the agreements as you grow and change both individually and together

    • Embrace and commit to the living document that will serve as the foundation of your relationship

    Challenge- Eradicating the fear of commitment to fully own your power

    Opportunity- To play full out with your partner!!

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