Imagine Your Intimacy Exalted

What if intimacy is the source of your everyday optimism?

Calling lovers who are in a committed relationship while questioning their compatibility, and now ready to take their tools of inner work to the next level of aligned passion.


You’ve been together long enough to see that a new level of love is possible, and a vision of how to get there is enshrouded by a fog of misunderstanding. Is now the time to be purposeful about your love?

We're Brave & Megan

We are Conscious Relating Coaches for couples fully committed to creating relationships that last a lifetime.

We were you. We struggled to communicate with each other and would end up in all night fights that only seemed to get us to a place of exhaustion and disbelief. This all changed when we chose to return to the purpose of our love. Through taking responsibility for the aspects of the relationship that were ours to own, we were able to transmute the troubling experiences of conflicts into deeply meaningful and inspirational connections.

This created the most profound and liberating joy in our lives, and moved us to share that joy with inspired couples like you. Our full spectrum coaching empowers committed couples to claim the next level of love they’ve never been able to achieve by using our 3-step alchemical process: education, application, integration.

Are you inspired by the purpose of your love?

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Couples Alchemy Coaching

An intimate deep dive into a customized 6-week strategy adapted to your unique needs to radically level up your relating dynamics.

This is for you if...

  • You and your partner are set on elevating your relationship to the next level, but are unclear on the strategy of moving towards a place of empowered ease.
  • You and your partner are trapped in a loop of missing each other, but don’t have the tools to maintain a connection of feeling seen or heard.
  • You’re feeling distracted by your relationship and as a result, the other parts of your life are suffering because you don’t know how to reach a level of intimacy that nurtures everyday optimism. 

Are you ready to...

  • Shed dysfunctional communication patterns and reprogram the way you relate to others and yourself.
  • Cultivate a secure sense of freedom in connection through committed action.
  • Feel fully expressed in your authenticity and be loved for it.

We will create a space for you to…

  • Transcend intergenerational patterns and create the future you desire.
  • Accept the inherent wellspring of possibility within a committed relationship.
  • Let your dreams of intimacy become an embodied reality.

Create the Future You Desire

Communicating your love can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Let’s make it simple. Start by booking your FREE 90-minute exploratory Relationship Mapping session today.

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